Pasquale Di Resta



  participation at several festivals with the band
  Hedone, “Nocera Rock”- Catanzaro, “Messaggi”- Rieti,
  and so on


  music for the short “Tom” by Adolfo Sasso
“The Thin Sound Improvisation”, with Renato Barone
“Que Despierte El Le˝ador”, music with the poems of
  Pablo Neruda


  “Male For In L” (No Formal-imaginary music)
music for the short “Tunnel” by Elia Sasso


  scene’s music for the performance “Specchi” (Mirrors)
La Notte Stellata” (The Starry Night)
Alien Trio: Calvi session


  Improvisation For Electric Guitar
treaprua-artepura”, material take from live recordings
  with the band Apertura

June 1996

  music for the video-art “YOU CAN SEE” by Mariangela


  music for the short “un'esistenza qualsiasi” (An
  Ordinary Life) by Raymond La Motte


  “L’Insegna Della Pernice” (Cartridge’s Sign), with
  Alberto d’Ari


  Suites & Intermezzi

April 1998

  wire broadcasting concert of imaginary music, cloister
  of the S. Francesco’s monastery in Sessa Aurunca,

Summer 1998

  Apertura” (Opening), material take from live
  recordings of the duo Apertura

October 2000

  participation at the ethnic music’s review “Aldebaran”
  with the band Aire Libre, Lecce University

June 2001

  music for “The Dragon’s Eye”, an exhibition by Franco
  Tribuni Silvestri, Napoli


  Words In The Fog”, a songs sequence

January 2002

  Hank”, imaginary music on the poems of Charles

July 2002

  Sakpata”, with the band Sakpata (Togo, West Africa)

May 2003

  PARC 100503”, with the band Apertura

November 2003

  Words In The Fog vol.2

December 2003

  diresta” (Isles), 2 e.p. English/Italian

November 2004

  diresta” (Mountain), e.p.

December 2004

  first prize to “Il Ballo Delle FalsitÓ” (Deceit Dance),
  winner song at the Jesi Festival, Ancona

April 2005

  Ricerca” (Search) e.p.

December 2005

  live music with the film “Der Dr. Mabuse” (1922) by
  Fritz Lang

February 2006

  Photographs”, music on words-portrait of Marcello
diresta live in trio
tornati a casa” (returned to home)

August 2007

  Z-MOON”, video-art

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